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Up and down, in and out, over and under

Day and night, east and west, good and bad.

The Laws of the Universe are written in two's

So easy to see, one for me, one for you.

It's only this way that the wisdom is heard

For there must be two sides, before balance occurs.

The vibrations of one are limited to a degree

But watch as the frequency rises, when you match he and she

Together, male and female, the way it was meant to be.

This is sweet, but don't forget

To know sweet, you must at times sour get.

Just keep moving, my friend, don't dwell on the past

And then you will find true happiness at last.

Keith Totherow -- 6/5/80


I'm like a spoke without a wheel,

That's just exactly how I feel

Without you, the loss is so real.

I live now as a separate part,

Away from the love of my heart.

And my feelings are solely felt,

Instead of shared. It's times like these,

I say, Come here, Babe, if you please,

Let's be together -- won't you agree?

I'll be a spoke that has its wheel.

The feeling is so real

When we share together, we feel

Companionship, understanding, warmth,

But most of all, we feel our love

Reflected in each other: magnified,

Purified, energized -- to last through Time.

Keith Totherow -- 6/5/80

Remember the One

Remember the one who knew you so well,

Who was there when you needed him most?

Remember the one? Only you can tell

If his efforts to love you were all lost.

Remember who came to you at midnight?

Remember all the feelings that we shared?

At the time, it all seemed so right

For us. You could say, about us we really cared.

Christmases come and Christmases go,

And so it is with love, it seems.

What once was so real, so long ago,

I can now find only in my dreams.

Wait! What's that I hear?

Could it be sleigh bells, and the patter of reindeer?

Yes it is!! Oh! Oh! Now I can see

That jolly old man coming down my chimney.

"Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas," he says with glee.

Here's to you, Babe, the best Christmas ever, from me.

Keith Totherow -- Christmas 1980

What It Means to Belong to a Religious Computer Mailing List

All we do is sit and type.

And moan and stir and talk and gripe.

At once it seems like a frivolous waste.

Then in comes a "Good Post," written in haste.

We teach what we most need to learn.

By this I am surely so dumbly born

And need so much to be taught in here,

That I talk and tell what I want to hear.

For the story I tell is an old one you know,

And its telling gets better with age as I grow

Stronger in my beliefs with your instructions,

And more patient and caring with new additions.

Spreading the Word is an old pastime

That has been done since time started, and I'm

Just getting started with it, you'll notice,

With each day our religious list brings mail to us.

"I'll take the Lord over you any day,"

I say as I await each letter that comes.

Then, as the letter unfolds, another way

To see truth, from your point of view, drums

Into my head some more ways to interpret

The unfolding characters that set their pit

To trap me with their logic, and sometimes their wit.

But to tell all, they would surely have a fit!

So I tell them what they want to hear,

That they will all go to heaven, near

And someday have no misgivings of heart,

That the life they led was the one they meant to start.

Do what you mean, not what you say.

Tell what you know, not what you believe.

Go where you can to spread the Word to all,

And remember to hear it yourself before you fall.

Starduster -- 9/13/97

The Preacher

Once there was a man,

who thought he had a plan,

but he only had a small part.

The man went on to write,

and to preach with all his might,

but his words fell short of the heart.

He asked himself,

Why are these people not heeding my words,

Lord, about your wonderful plan?

The Lord replied, "Son, they are,

just give them more time,

and listen to My Words to you, man."

"The story you tell,

is a long one as well,

and it takes quite a bit of thought.

The readers all listen,

not always with time to respond,

and wonder even if they ought."

Stories of gods and angels,

spaceships and beings

watching us from the next level abound,

Does this scare you, or make you mad,

that one would take this tact with you

to teach, is it sound?

Teach, learn, do, pray,

tell me what to do today,

make the demons go away.

Ask as you want to receive,

and pray for what you expect,

and it will come your way.

Starduster -- 10/24/97


Observing the mysteries of the universe,

Just kickin' down the starry lane,

Mind in the sky can feel no pain,

Mind on the ground has prison found.

No doubt where I'll be, seeking

God's will and surely keeping.

As a mouthpiece for the Lord,

I'll help spread His holy words.

In the sky and high above

In the stars all filled with love

Light shines through as if to say,

Believe in Me, and see one day:

All will then be as it was spoken,

The circle will remain unbroken.

God's true prophecies will occur

All will live in love forever.

Starduster -- 6/3/01


Each day is a lifetime lived,

To the immortal soul.

Death at sleep,

Another day to prepare for.

Earthly existence takes it toll on a soul!

Awaken into life once again.

Another life in a day,

Another day in a life,

Immortal until the day no longer breaks in the flesh.

Immortal till time stands still in the spirit,

And bows before God,

Awaiting further instructions.

Starduster -- 6/6/01

Who Is God

Who is God? I want to know.

Is He One, who is below

The heavens? I want to know.

Is He with us, on this green earth,

Watching through us, each day bring forth,

More chances, more color, more mirth?

Can God be one of us? Can God play that role?

Can it ever be done? Does one part all know?

He did it before, just once, that is true.

He came to earth in the form of a Jew.

Jesus Christ was the name of this Man,

Who lived and died to show us the Plan.

God can work through you.

He can work through me.

God made us free to choose

Alone, the way we'll be.

How long will you last, moving on this path?

Will your job be done, when your time is past?

Will you say, Here I come Lord, please, accept me?

Or will you cry, Oh no Lord, not I, not me?

Starduster -- 10/3/04

The Lord

The Lord is in you

And the Lord's in me.

Wherever there's three,

There will the Lord be.

(Holy Trinity)

One to watch the other two's backs.

(The Lord always watches our back.)

Two to give voice to both sides.

(Lord is always on our side.)

Three to mediate between the two.

Only the Lord can truly judge true.

Starduster -- 7-24-07

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