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Abductions and the Ophanin Angels

The picture above shows the Hale-Bopp comet; a drawing of an Ophanin that appeared to me two times, an hour apart in 1994, with suggestions to follow; the symbol or signature that has appeared on several of my blindwritings; a similar looking UFO that I saw from about 200 feet in 1977; and a near likeness of the gray human-looking "scientific watcher" that abducted me at least two times, who was responsible for at least 28 of my estimated 30 contacts, some by a scanning method.  The eyes are smaller than what I drew.  I am no artist.

These blindwritings, I call them, sometimes take place at night when I am asleep.  I have no knowledge of writing them until the next morning, but they are in my own handwriting.  Sometimes these take place during the day.  I just get the urge to write something and do, but with no knowledge of what I write until finished and read it.

At times, these are in a simple code of sorts, words spelled backwards, or letters mixed in a word, etc.  A physicist I met is checking out one of these with symbols, numbers, and odd marks now, and has started a book on his findings.  These don't exactly tie in with today's accepted theories in physics or mathematics, so he is having a hard time trying to get some of the new theories he discovered recognized and accepted by those he calls "still tied in with old outdated theories."

I also have real-like, or psychic dreams sometimes.  The last one was about Ezekiel chapter one.  As I have seen UFO's, what I saw in a foggy-like atmosphere was certainly no UFO, but a small mass of pure energy, or frequencies under control by what I thought were three beings.  In Ezek., God was supposed to be sitting on a throne above this, but I didn't see this.  I never forget any of these dreams, or many OBE's I started to have for a period, then stopped.  I have probably went through all the phases you read about other abductee's having, but mine seemed to go on in spurts at times, then stop again, and still do.

I have learned a lot of things from these writings, and from OBE's.  In the writings, I was given hints mostly that I tried to find full truth for.  In this process, I became a devout self-taught Christian, but don't hold with any of today's denominational churches, so I won't go.  I do my praying at home, so to speak.

One example I was given a hint at, was today's flawed education in several subjects, such as history of the Americas.  It is my belief anyone can find the true history of our US with just a little study, not what our elite teach because of peer pressure today.  Does anyone know the Hebrews and others were in North America as early as 1500 BC?  Does anyone know that the way the Mayan writings were finally translated was by using old Paleo Hebrew, or old Aramaic language symbols?

In a manner of speaking, I have a message for mankind, as I feel many others do also.  So, I am speaking out!  Why don't they (our elite academics) swallow their ego's and join those like myself?

All of what we see today is spiritually related.  Humans will suffer many consequences if they don't wake up to what is going on.  We are watching the tearing down of the very fabric that holds humans together, Christianity being taken apart and separated so as to have no say in what goes on, and ultra-liberals taking over.  I recently heard of a statement Pat Robertson made, "all those who believe in UFO's should be stoned."  This is only one example of the pure stupidity that goes on in today's Christian circles.  They twist their biased versions without any knowledge of a few facts.  Some UFO ET's certainly don't have our best interests in mind, but some do.  However, this side is ignored.

I invite debate with anyone who knows enough to debate and exchange information, especially those who have seen one of the "scientific watchers" of several types, or one of the Ophanin, which would be a plus in exchange of information.  I have just touched the surface, really.

Thank you.



My Experiences

There is a very thin line separating the occult from reality.  We must be able to see this line or we will cross over unknowingly.

This is also true for UFO ET's.  We have the good who try to help humans.  Then, we have the scientific group called watchers, or as some psychics call them, "shapers."  Then, there are the ones who don't have humans' best interests in mind, and could be considered demonic in a sense, and/or followers of Satan.

From 1977 to 1995, I was abducted 3 times, two of which I had memory remaining, and as many as 30 "contacts," some by a scanning method, which resembles a sort of frequency running through your body for approx. a second, maybe two.

These abductions were by the very human-looking light grays, about 5'5" tall, no hair nor ears that I could see, and were not skinny.  I believe several groups of different looking ET's could be involved in this strictly scientific group.

The human-looking scientific gray that abducted me, and was responsible for possibly 28 to 30 contacts, had only one purpose:  to keep check on human mental and physical aspects, and the earth, then report to "those above," in my case, one of the Ophanin group of angels.  They have no axe to grind about humans one way or the other, that isn't their purpose.

In 1994, right after I had gotten out of my bed one Saturday morning and put on my shoes, a brown-robed monk-like being appeared to me, approx. 6 feet away, and started talking to me in the clearest voice I have ever heard.  Some of the suggestions I was given were to take "heed" to Matt. 24:23-25, among a few other things, then "he" just faded away.  I was extremely startled, but no panic attacks.

So, I went into the kitchen and managed to make myself a coffee, then started writing down what I remembered that was told to me.  Approx. one hour after he appeared the first time, he again appeared between the stove and refrigerator, and started talking again, mostly repeating what was told to me the first time, then faded away again.  This was by far the most startling event in my 67 years on earth to this day.

In the first part of 1996, through the many hints given me, I finally found out who this brown-robed being was, an Ophanin, of the same rank as the Serabim and Cherubim.  The Ophanin mention can be found in the writings of Enoch, chapters 60:13, and 70:9.  Going a little further, I have reason to believe the Holy One in Daniel 4 was an Ophanin, and the watcher, one of the scientific group of watchers.

I have never been given anything but partial hints, the reason I had to study a lot of things trying to find answers to what I had seen in 1977:  a round-type UFO with odd-shaped windows, from about 200 feet, right after daylight in Tennessee.

I finally started studying several different bibles looking for answers, and found them, and/or clues for answers.  From these studies, I became a Christian, self-taught, but I don't hold with any denomination or church of today.

One fairly clear hint given to me in 1994 was, starting in 1993, a series of events took place unnoticed by humans, that would in turn start a series of events to last for a period of 5 to 7 earth years, increasing in scope, then stop for a period, then start again.  This could be taking place now, but I am only guessing at best.

According to Biblical prophecy, this IS taking place now.  To my honest belief, using my experiences and Biblical writings, what we see today with UFO's and ET's is spiritually related, it can't be any other way if we use a little common sense.

I invite any criticism from anyone who knows anything about these things, and I invite exchanges of information with anyone who has had experiences with UFO ET's.  I especially invite contact with anyone who has seen one of these human-looking scientific grays or otherwise.  Anyone having seen an Ophanin, or have been contacted by one, would be a bonus for us both in exchange of information.

Thank you.


London Experience

In 1995, one day in the summer, I went to bed around 11:30 as usual, very tired.

I awoke several hours later from what I thought had been a very realistic dream at first, the most real-like of any I had ever had.  This started when I seemingly "woke up" staring at some street signs right after daylight, Devas and Devon.  As I was staring at these street signs highly confused, a car stopped and the man driver was staring at me, and the steering wheel was on the wrong side of the car, then drove on.  Then, I noticed I was in my shorts.  There is a difference of 6 hours London time to EST, so this fits.

A heavy-set lady walking down the other side of the street crossed over, and asked me what was going on, and I asked where I was.  She said London, and this confused me even more than I was already.  Skipping over some details, she led me back up the street from the direction in which she had come to a pub she said she owned, where she had been doing some cleaning and paperwork all night since closing time.  Close to this pub, a man had stopped and let us walk across the street, and he was laughing probably at me as I was in my shorts and barefooted.

She unlocked the door and we went into the pub to a backroom door, which she also unlocked, and got me a spare pair of pants and a shirt that a bartender kept there.

The phone was out of order in the pub, so she was going to take me to her "flat" to use hers.  I had no idea who I would call?  I was still barefooted and my feet were starting to hurt a little.  Her flat wasn't far, probably 2 or 3 blocks, and when we got there she unlocked a green door and went inside.  As I was going inside, I woke up in my bed highly confused, I even looked for the pants and shirt, I didn't have them.

This "dream" kept bothering me until I sent for a AZ map of London as I never forgot the street names I had stared at, or the immediate area, and the pub.

When the map book came in the mail, I found the street names and I was so surprised I dropped the book and had to sit down for a moment.  The streets I had seen crossed also, but since has changed some in one area I later found out.

This kept bothering me, so I managed to get a private investigator's address in London from a local agency, and wrote to the agency.  I was curious about a certain area in the Bow section of London, and asked about the cost of a possible video being taken of this area, a several block area.  The cost would have been $300 American up-front, which I couldn't afford, so I forgot about this angle.

After I got a computer in 1998, one of the members of a list I had joined was from London.  So I mentioned this incident to him and asked if he knew the area.  By pure fate and luck he did.  So, first I wrote out the details for him to check, which he did later.  There was no doubt I had been in that area.  The pub was within about two blocks as I wrote.

So at last, after several years, I had proof I had been there, which caused me even more confusion as to why?  This went on until about mid 1999, or a little before, when by pure luck I came into contact with a London Bow section resident that lived within two blocks of the pub!

As my last UFO abduction was in 1995, it was the only time I had seen another human that had been abducted.  The only part of him I could see at the time was his eyes, one eye better than the other.  This seemed to start to tie together, in a manner of speaking.  I couldn't be sure, however, until I had seen a photo of him, especially the eyes, which later I did.  There is no doubt to me he was the one I had seen the last time I was abducted, and they were doing something to his eyes at the time.  The only part of me I could move was a little of my eyes, the reason I saw this.

Thanks to him, he took a video of that area and sent to me, I was there.  The area has changed a little but I instantly recognized two of the streets and the pub.

We are in occasional contact now, and he has written a book named Intruders recently, mostly about the many videos he has taken of UFO's, many in the area he lives, which can be ordered from the UK, no outlet from the US yet.

Personally, I believe there is a grid of some sort in that immediate area in the Bow section of London, the reasons for the numerous UFO sightings there.

So, was I set down there for a reason by a UFO, or was my experience a sort of physical transport OBE?  I don't know, but I don't think this experience is over yet about the why's and if's.

Thank you.


Souls and Reptilians

I have been catching up on my mail and reading some list posts about the reptilians and souls, etc.  This is my version :)

I have never seen a reptilian, unless the two large beings that tried to abduct me in 1993 were reptilians.  Their skin felt like the pecan tree bark in my backyard?!  I was being dragged toward the same black area I saw first in an OBE, but a fast prayer saved me both times.  IMO, this is hell, a lot of screaming, etc.  This was also the first and only time I have heard any noise while OB.  The second time I was about half OB and heard nothing, but did see the black vortex again.

I have read some say there are old souls, and younger souls?  I have no idea if this is true or not, and I don't think anyone else does really, but we can all guess.  :)

According to the writings of Enoch, some bad souls of the giants are trapped, (by God), around earth to terrify and hound humans as they did before?!  So, humans are being tested.

I believe all souls were created in the heavens originally, where the spirit is.  What has happened since to change this, if anything, is anyone's guess, but the only change I think would be possible is by our free-will?

And, as I always mention the positive and negative, if this is our choice as to which side we are on?

The soul is a highly complicated frequency recording "device."  IMO, absolutely everything we do in a life on earth is recorded:  what we see, feel, even the hair on our head, etc.  The spirit is slightly different, and gives our bodies the "cosmic energy" to keep our earthly part alive, if I wrote that right?  So, we can see our "cords" while having an OBE.

Both, or neither, can leave our body until it dies.  As blood is mentioned in the Bible frequently, is this what keeps both in our body?  If no blood pressure, our body cannot live, so they leave.  The Russians proved years ago there is about a half-pound of "frequency" that leaves the body at death?

Now writing all this, I don't believe our soul can be taken by force, nor our spirit, unless by God.

I have had thoughts the spirit and soul sometimes are in conflict, the conscious and sub-conscious, yet they must be together, one protects the other?

The supposed "walkins" are different I have been told once:  fact or not, I have no idea. Anyway, so I have heard, an "exchange" is possible, IF the souls are on the same side of the "positive/negative fence," but no exchanges of positive to negative, etc, or vice versa, so to speak.

It has been my opinion for some time that a lower ranking ET, or the "bad," has to use human energy to appear, and/or influence a human, in other words, "an opening."  Spiritual beliefs are very important, so religions lead to the higher realms, (if we have an earth base).

The higher ranking ones don't need to use human energy, they can give us energy and in fact, they do.

A few thoughts for today.  We will mostly see what the ET's want us to see, IMO as I have written before many times.  I think this could be some kind of a test of sorts.

Thank you.

Unclebud 7-28-01

Ophanin Appearance

Don't ask why "He" used words like in the KJV Bible, like "ye," etc, because I don't know.  This was the most startling experience in my life.  It took me almost a year to find out who this was, an Ophanin.  Until I did, I called him Mr Brown Robe.  Clyde

About 8 AM Saturday, Dec.10, 1994, I had just gotten out of bed and was thinking about what I had to do that day, and was sitting on the side of the bed putting on my shoes.

I became aware of someone standing beside me several feet away.  A brown-robed person, very old it seemed, with a hood over the face that left the face in a sort of shadow, started talking to me in the clearest voice I have ever heard.

Then, he just seemed to fade away slowly.  I rushed into the kitchen and wrote down all I remembered of what the monk-like person told me.

When I had made myself a coffee and was mulling over what I had wrote down, the monk-like person appeared again, and started talking again, then faded away again.  These appearences were almost exactly an hour apart.  I think this was a repeat of what I was told the first time, or most of it.  I was startled, but no fear.

What I wrote down and part of what I don't have full memory of, is as follows:

Ye have been shown ways to survive as long as needed, take heed, time is short, use what is neccessary.

Ye are not alone, listen to thyself and heed warning, many will not.

Ye must bring Matthew 24, verses 23, 24 and 25 to light for brethren.  False prophets and others will use Matthew 24, verse 30 falsely:  be alert!

Don't be misled by many miracles, the just will win in the end.

Why do ye think ye were born if not for a purpose?

Take heed to unseen enemies.

What is given will not be repeated.

Ye will only be given one more view.

The numbers 3, 9, and 12 seem to be important.  Number 7 can be used.  April 10 seemed to be important, no reason given that I heard.

I am not one of the 144,000 mentioned in the Bible, but could have a preferred place at death.

*** I think what "he" was referring to (preferred place), was a place I was in once in an OBE, a very large area with a lot of happy people who seemed to be waiting on something.  Later, I thought this could have been one of the places of waiting I think the dead go, and I wondered why I had seen this place?  So maybe yes and maybe no?

Thank you.



This is the last blindwriting I had in 1997, in the early morning hours of Sept 12.  There are never any periods, commas, or paragraphs in these writings, just a space between words that I add myself to read them better.  The first ones were a little different and confusing at times.

Until human sciences get more knowledge and understanding of basic elements that make up the universal structure of all things, they should stop trying to escape earth.

The consequences could be catastropic when these basic elements are forced into unbalance in the earth and surrounding space.

Humans were given a material object to aid in this basic structure understanding when the pyramid was built for us, and we have no understanding of what causes natural crystal growth and shapes.

Soon forgotten knowledge, some unknown at this time by humans, will be found around the pyramid, and other areas of earth.  This should not be withheld from view.  Public?

Earth sciences have already caused some unbalance in these basic elements, and are altering human behavior patterns, and will increase.  Beware of bad leadership in sciences and world affairs.

This was followed by the two rough dipper drawings, (see pics at the top of this page), and the words Logo and Logic, and Mars.

Thank you.


Polar Reversal:  My Theory

I was lucky that I have a physicist friend who wrote this out in understandable terms after I told him what had formed in my mind after reading ISA 45:6 in the Bible, and wondered what it meant?  In the original writings in the OT, there were no periods nor comas, nor verse and chapter numbers.

IMO, we are seeing the start of some of this now, and it will increase.  I think we can forget about some of today's thinking about if this is possible or not.  Things are happening so fast, so-called facts changing, astronomy, etc., that what is believed "scientifically" today can and will for the most part change tomorrow, so to speak.

Years before a polar reversal occurs, the earth's ionosphere, plasmasphere, and the Van Allen belts will become supercharged with potential.  The upper layers are like a capacitor that has charged up due to the magnetic field.  As the magnetic field collapses, the capacitor releases.  At this time,the jet streams in the upper atmosphere will change direction by thousands of miles.

The jet stream is moving horizonally.  It can also move vertically, which could bring it close to the Earth.  This would cause the upper atmospheric layers to become overcharged with electrons.

The same thing could be occuring in the center of the earth as the magnetic field is collapsing, the inner core will start to increase.  As this happens, heat will be transferred through the mantle.  This will cause earthquakes and volcanoes to erupt, tidal waves, etc.

The earthquake activity is also caused by the decreasing magnetic field of the earth.  There is something here I can't quite read, (physicist writing), which says unless geophysicists have wised up, they don't know what gravity and magnetism is that could cause a reversal.

Then, as the reversal period approaches, the magnetic field would begin to collapse and the rotation slows down.  When the X-axis is crossed and 0 field is obtained, the earth will continue to turn slowly for a short period of time, possibly a day or two, then completly stop and start turning the opposite way.

This is a polar reversal, and to my belief happened at Noah's flood, and will again soon.

So, we can forget about anything electrical working even if it survives the earthquakes, etc.  AND, as I think the sun would start rising in the west, a flip would also occur.

*** The sun and moon would undoubtedly have some part to play at some point in this.  Then, we could have a large meteor, or asteroid, hit also, as in the Bible, to help this along.

***The earth would stop its rotation, and a complete "flip" would also occur, making the sun rise from the west, as to what the earth is now?  The sun does not change, it stays where it is.  To my understanding, Venus is the only planet right now to have a reverse rotation as to the other planets in our solar system.

There are some old writings that suggest the sun did rise from the west on Earth in one of Earth's "ages."  IMHO, we are about to go into the 4th "age."  One way or another, humans and the earth will be "cleansed" ever so often, whether we like it or not.

Thank you.



My Uncle Bud went to meet Jesus August 29, 2006.  Now he's experiencing what he so diligently studied and sought after.  May God bless you, Unclebud, with well-deserved rest and peace.

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