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LivingSpirit - Welcome Letter


Welcome to the LivingSpirit Email Discussion Group. It is our strong intention to provide a forum for serious discussions of Scriptures, which have come down to us through many years of diligent study. The ancient scribes of old would be proud to know there are so many, here in the 21st century, who study their works.

The purpose of LivingSpirit is to be a meeting place for like-minded people, who are sincere in their individual efforts to gain greater understanding of the Bible, the oldest and most widely read book we have. Other Scripturally-oriented works will undoubtedly come into focus from time to time. It is not our intention to limit our discussions solely to Bible material. Rather, we encourage discussions from all faiths and walks of life, and observe TOLERANCE for each and every individual who comes here seeking guidance or just plain information.

In other words, this place is for everybody: man, woman....

"In keeping with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ's wishes, we go about our daily lives, trying to love all and each other as ourselves."

The preceeding statement is of my faith in Jesus Christ as the one and only living Son of God. This proclamation is to show you how I respond when asked this question: "Describe your faith in 25 words or less?" It just so happens, that in regards to faith, mine can be summed up that way. Yours could be quite different, especially if you are one of our Eastern brothers or sisters who practices Buddhism, Hinduism or Taoism, to name a few.

Of course, this is assuming a lot from the git-go. Just so we all understand each other, I am saying all this now, before your membership in our group causes you any embarrassment or hurt feelings of any nature or sort. Not all email discussion groups are for everybody. It is our deepest and humblest wish that this one turns out to be an enlightening and encouraging experience for us all.

Thank you for participating and expressing your faith for others to see and hear. "If they hath an ear, let them hear."

Let us pray:

"May the Holy Spirit move and open our hearts and minds as we begin this list,

For the greater glory of God the Father, the Supreme Creator of all life,

Who made Mother Nature to cherish and keep us all in physical,

'Til the day when our Spirit is bound to the flesh no longer.

Until that day comes, we will love the Lord, and proclaim His Holy Word to all nations and faiths."


Your friendly scribe,

Keith Totherow aka Starduster

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