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All Above, As Below

     That's like what happens when we get high, remember?  We're all up here together in the Spirit; dwelling, so to speak.  You are being propelled into the astral plane while you are conscious.  Just glide, don't race.  There is time for the whole of your life to be lived before it is over.
     When your life is finished, will they not say that you lived a full, whole life as long as you live to a reasonable age?  It matters not whether you live to be 40 or 80, but what you do during those years IS important.  Live to learn and to love.

Keith Totherow -- 2-5-93
rev. 4-23-00

Two Short Essays, the First on Life and the Second on Death

     Once you're here, that's it.  You have to stick it out until your time is up.  It was hard for you at first.  Quite a shock, really.  But gradually, you got used to it.
     You learned how to live in the physical with a three-dimensional body, emotions, and all that.  As a matter of fact, you learned it so well that now that you're grown you've forgotten all about that original state you were in at the beginning of this life.  You were scared as hell!  You had to live in the physical form.  Quite a change at the time.  Your spirit decided to raise a human.  Now, here you are.

Keith Totherow -- 10/2/85

     When one dies, we all die.  Our fears, our thoughts, all come together as we fall, fall, fall . . . they try to guide us, but try as they might, they can't help very much, because there are so many of them.  They all have so many opinions that they can find no compromise among the bunch of them, so we continue to fall.  We see all the lives of all of us as we go, our spirit being exposed to the sight as we flash through Time.  Billions of cells, each with billions of cells.
     Kinda like Earth, really.  Billions of people on Earth are like billions of cells in a body.  If the cells don't work together, the body eventually dies.  But that link is still there, at least in this life anyway.  A soul to hold the controls on the body.  But, the termination date is still taboo to the soul.  At least to mine.

Keith Totherow -- 1987

Laments on the late Twentieth Century

     If you become a hermit, you can't teach anything to anyone that you've learned all your life.  It all stays inside and swirls around, wishing it could get out and infect others with the spirit of learning.
     We are indeed social animals, preferring and even prospering in the company of others.  I know I feel good around other people.  We as human beings need this stimulation from another source, at least close to our own intelligence level, and it would surely take another human to reach this level.
     Without the company of others, the mind would stagnate and not keep developing new pathways from new knowledge and instruction.  The brain has to be exercised, just like the muscles, if it is to stay healthy and strong.
     Alzheimer's is evidence of chemical contamination, from the industrial environment in which we all have to live.  This chemically polluted world has only existed this way for barely 200 years.  The result of all the industrial revolution was to nearly destroy the natural environment we all depend on for our very survival.

Keith Totherow -- 2/7/97

Hunger Strike

     When the body is used to being satisfied very well, over extended periods of time (mostly continuously), it gets full, so to speak.  This fullness creates a general dulling of the senses, brought on in large part by so much stimulation.
     When allowed to return to the original state of emptiness (at whatever varying degree), the body can sharpen its senses.  It does this because as more and more excess is finally excreted, more of the body is freed for observation, as opposed to such energy consuming processes as digestion, elimination, etc.  There's more of you free that you're able to feel with.
     Therefore, by staying at or near empty, our perceptions are intensified.  Less and less can be enjoyed more and more, until the slightest indulgence produces extreme satisfaction.

Keith Totherow -- 9/15/80


     Some people use artificial highs.  You wake up, and because you don't feel completely good and rested (high), you indulge in some evil vice to make yourself feel high.
     This is possibly caused by an inability to accept one's feelings.  The need for patience and rest is great at this time.  Correcting this inability quickly should be of prime importance.
     You should praise the Lord continuously for all your bountiful treasures.  Your health, friends, many blessings, and the daily witnessing of all the beauties of Nature should constantly remind you of why you are happy.  The responsibility of carrying out your purpose for being here should never be shirked.
     You are to help and love others.  You are also to learn to overcome the weaknesses of the flesh.
     All humans share the weaknesses of the flesh.  Dust, as you know, is not very strong.  You must feel compassion, understanding, and mercy for those others like you who are going through the same things you are.  As you love them, so the Father loves you.
     Blessed be the name of the Lord, for without Him there is nothing but dust.  From Him comes all power, all truth, all mercy.  He knows the start, and the finish.  Praise Him continually for all things, for only He knows all.
     Love the Lord with all your mind, body, and soul.  Rid yourself of ridiculous temporary pleasures, for the only true happiness lies in the everlasting power of God.
     He will not fail.  He is our strengthener, and our comforter.  He will guide, love, and cherish us, because He gave His Son to be our Saviour.  We may have everlasting life through Jesus.  Hallelujah, praise Jesus, 0 Blessed Redeemer, all power to your name.
     All we have to do is ask, and we shall receive.  To Jesus, nothing is impossible.  You can be cleansed of even the blackest sins, if you just ask for forgiveness.  "If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth."

Keith Totherow -- 1986/87

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